Our Story - Campfire Guitar


Campfire Guitar started as a conversation between two friends in Australia about learning guitar. Many of their friends had tried and failed because the process of finding the right guitar and lessons was too complicated.

Campfire Guitar was founded with a simple objective: to help people learn to play guitar by making the experience easy and fun.

To us, the problem was clear, millions of people around the world want to play the guitar but there was no accessible and simple solution for them. We set out to change this and created the first one-stop-shop to buy and learn guitar.

We created premium content designed especially for beginners by instructors who remember what it feels like to be starting out. We make it possible for students to learn guitar in just 1 hour.

We also make our own guitars, bypass traditional retail channels, and engage with our customers directly online. This means our customers get a high quality instrument at a fraction of the price of mass-market brands.

Music is an incredible gift and the joy that comes from playing your favorite songs is hard to match; an enjoyment that can also be shared with those you love.

We are excited to help people everywhere learn guitar and bring more music to the world!

The Campfire Guitar Team